In fact, most of them have it pretty cushy and some
could be considered spoiled little pixel-donnas.

That's right. We take very good care of pixels while building websites. In fact, we consider the pixels to be under our care even after we turn the site over to it's new owners. We like to say that we build websites for other people - but the sites are always ours.


    Handyman Central Services, Inc

    Consistently high performing handyman company. Super Service Award winner 3 years running. Testimonials and before-and-after slideshows are an important part of this site. The owner also publishes home improvement articles, step-by-step guides and other user friendly material.

  • W.T. Hannan Builders

    W.T. Hannan Builders, Brigantine, NJ Bill Hannan specializes in custom homes on the island of Brigantine, NJ. The website showcases some of the great properties he's developed with stunning homes.

  • Linwood Hot Bagels

    This sunny, comfortable, Atlantic County restaurant has whimsical wooden characters brightening the decor. So we had to include them in the website. The site also features a few different types of slideshow/image viewers to show off catering trays and such. And that blonde standing in front of the store is the boss.

  • MBCA

    Midway Beach Condo Association

    This is the story of the "other Jersey Shore". People with an investment in property, a life-style, and a shoe-full of beach sand. They needed a website to post the monthly Board meeting minutes . They needed a "Comment" page and a way to make important documents available at all times. They're NPC regulars.

  • NMP Water Systems.

    NMP Water Systems

    NMP has a simple motto - Drink Pure Water at Home. This doesn't mean to buy and then recycle hundreds of plastic water bottles each year. NMP's mission is to put water purification systems in homes so people can get the good stuff right from their tap.

  • Literacy Volunteers Association

    Literacy Volunteers Association, Cape-Atlantic Counties

    With so much information available for free this must be the worst time in history to be illiterate. There are many reasons a person may not know how to read. Be the reason someone CAN. Seek out your local LVA, volunteer, donate, promote - help teach someone to read.

  • KAB Productions, LLC

    Custom video production. Educational, informative, inspirational custom video production service. It all started with a lively animation to instruct folks on how to fill out an important government form. That and all the follow up productions are posted on their website, with help from NPC engineers of course.

  • Thyme to Eat

    A Professional Personal Chef service. Imagine having a professional chef come to your home once a week to prepare delicious, healthy meals for you and your family. An entire week's meals - just pop from the freezer to the oven when you are ready. It tasted so good, the website was on us.

  • Solar Energy Advisor.

    Solar Energy Advisor

    Discover Energy Independence. When a casual interest matures over years into a dedicated mission the result is people with a passion. This grass roots organization has the best looking website of any in it's ilk.

  • SRA MultiMedia Group

    SRA Multimedia Group

    A custom "portfolio" website for a major corporation's Digital Services & Multimedia Production Group. Hosted here, uptown in NPC.

  • L&J America's Window Authority

    America's Window Authority put all new windows at the NPC Mayor's Mansion one summer. L&J had many ideas for how a website should look so there were 3 re-makes of the site before this SEO aggressive treatment was settled on. This site is no longer active but a retired version lives here at NPC.

  • A Primer on Video Production

    Video Production Primer

    Another website focused on the offerings of the SRA Multimedia Group. This one provides a Primer on Video Production which answers many of the nagging pre-production questions.