jidc-cover2 ***Since first learning to play a few chords on a guitar in 1965 my goal had always been to record a collection of my own songs. After years of rehearsing, performing and recording with many musicians in various musical organizations I eventually felt that I had learned all I needed to take the project on as a solo singer-songwriter. I had the benefit of input and inspiration - musically, lyrically and otherwise - from friends and family. In 1977 I recorded the first song, The Loaner, in a local NJ studio with Wayne Carey (Franklyn) on drums. During the 1980's a few other musicians and singers lent me their talents but I also relied heavily on the nascent "music computer" and "home studio" devices that surfaced in that decade. In 1992 the collection of songs shown below were packaged as "Josh & the Identity Crisis" with the tag line - "Listen Often. Listen Loud". Please do.

    Music by Josh Lucchesi © 1992

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