Actually it's more like, "all at once there were a lot of pixels", which is all well and good since one pixel by itself doesn't have much fun. Also - Once upon a time there was Adobe Flash® and it was very cool to have a Flash®-rich website. But that changed. While the pixels stayed - the Flash® is broken.

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These pixels were a hearty bunch of picture elements holding their positions on monitor screens in lines or grids for hours without a murmur. Some, like the ones that covered the upper right corners, rarely even got to change color, holding a steady blue, and never, ever did they change their size or shape. OMG forbid!

As digital heirs to the "dot", pixels were also printed on paper. Eventually they became closely associated with Wave forms, who were generally a boiterous bunch. One day pixels began to communicate via vast digital interconnections that were cast like a net around the globe. Pixels in one location would send greetings to pixels in other locations over great distances in just seconds.

Life for the pixel was never the same after that. They even began to change thier shape from square to non-square - but that's a story for another time. Even though some pixels knew they were destined to stand still while others blinked colorfully on monitor screens, and still others communicated hectically across the networks, they never lost their affinity for one another. For a while there were political issues between the "have-bits" and the "have-bits-not" but the disagreements never lasted long and never did they escalate to blackout. In fact pixels of all bit-denominations often gathered to relax in pixelvillages, towns, and imaginations everywhere to share and celebrate common roots.

Just as curious as where they gather to retire is where they originate and play when they are young. It is that, dear reader, that brings us to New Pixel City. A place as vast as vision and diverse as preception. Where new pixels pour onto monitors forming words and images both moving and mundane. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

We gather pixels to create web pages and videos for what you envision. We craft the words and even the music for what you want to say. We make your project whole and understood by your audience. We cast the light and add the value to your offerings.


Video - Silent movies used as eye-candy for a party room wall.

Thoroughly whimsical music video "Molly and her Brothers". Featuring illustrations by Charles Snyder.

A video animation focusing on terrorist activity. Incredible soundtrack by Chris Orazi.

The first Wind Farm on the east coast opened with this video.


Web - No pixels were harmed during the creation of any of these websites. But many were sent home for disciplinary reasons.


Music - These original pop tunes are tired of sitting quietly on the sidelines. They're just hoping to be kidnapped into an audience. Hear "The Loaner", "She's the One", "UCANRUN", "That's the Move", and more.